History in the Making:
Collaborative to Merge with the Boston Museum

Boston, MA - The Boston Museum and the Boston History and Innovation Collaborative will merge their respective organizations in 2009, Frank Keefe, President & CEO of the Boston Museum, and Dr. Bob Krim, Executive Director of the Collaborative, announced.  The merger gives the Boston Museum access to the Collaborative's extensive research capabilities and vital relationships within the region's business and non-profit sectors.  In turn, the Collaborative will have a home and a showcase for its work in innovation at a highly visible downtown location.
The Boston Museum (www.bostonmuseum.org) is an exciting new cultural institution that is destined for downtown Boston-- adjacent to the new Greenway and Quincy Marketplace.

We are taking this giant step 11 years into the life of the Collaborative.  But in fact, this is really circling back to our beginnings, as the Collaborative was one of the Museum's 3 founding organizations.
The merger was first unveiled on November 18, 2008 by Krim, at the group's annual History & Innovation Awards dinner.

“Our board, our Boston 5th Century Trustees and our staff all see this as an incredible opportunity to build upon our mission and contribute to a most worthy enterprise, one that has the potential to become a significant cultural and economic driver in our region," observed Krim.
Krim's comments at the Innovation Awards dinner were echoed by both Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, who congratulated both organizations on their merger, and by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (right).

  Gov. Deval Patrick

"The Boston Museum partnership will reap big educational, economic development and community-building dividends," stated Patrick.  "It will showcase Massachusetts as the sons and daughters not only of the American Revolution but of the Industrial Revolution, the medical and biotech revolutions, the clean energy revolution and civil and human rights revolutions as well."

The Collaborative will assume a new name, the Boston Museum Innovation Institute, when the museum opens in late 2012.  The Institute will host events and forums for the public and continue with a full-fledged program of innovation research.  In the interim, the Collaborative will continue work to demonstrate that this region has been a national and global center of innovation for the past 400 years.   
The Museum will be an innovation in and of itself - a place where we reinvent the very concept of a history museum!
Much work is still ahead of us, but the Collaborative will have a home in a highly visible location in the heart of our city and we will use our research and networking capabilities to partner in the creation of exciting programs and exhibits.
We will continue to conduct our work to demonstrate that this region has been a national and global center of innovation for the past 400 years.  In addition, we will continue to teach that we can apply the lessons of our past to present challenges by creating a climate that fosters innovation.

In times of economic uncertainty, Greater Boston has often taken the innovative path, challenged conventional wisdom, and started anew.

You may know that Boston's Museum of Fine Arts was funded and built during a similarly challenging economic time.   The aftermath of Boston's Great Fire of 1872 created a need to rebuild the entire downtown business area, and shortly after, the Panic of 1873 decreased wealth just as today's crisis.  Yet the MFA was built and opened in 1876.  There are certainly lessons to be learned from those trying times. 

This merger is an exciting move that will keep us working and innovating and growing for years to come - hopefully with your support. Visit the Boston Museum website for more information.