2007 Awards | 2006 Awards

History & Innovation Award



Whitehead Institute, For Discoveries in biomedical research and spearheading the Human Genome Project

Biogen Idec, Inc., For developing Avonex for MS and other key contributions to biotechnology

Genzyme Corporation, For developing cures to Gaucher’s disease and other contributions to biotechnology

From Idea to Industry, From harnessing recombinant DNA to modernizing the FDA, the bump and connect of Boston leaders helped shape the nation by establishing a new industry



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, For pioneering the integration of theory and practice in higher technical education

Northeastern University, For developing and being the established world leader in cooperative education 


Information Technology:

BBN, For creating the ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet and email

EMC Corporation, For their role in developing the information storage industry worldwide


Integrating Social & Scientific:

Boston Scientific, For utilizing a collaborative approach to develop and engineer the drug-eluting stent



The Gillette Corporation, For developing the safety razor

Raytheon Company, For developing the mass production of the magnetron, thereby helping to win World War II, as well as for inventing the microwave oven

Bose Corporation & Dr. Amar Bose, For perfecting and delivering the highest quality acoustical devices in the nation and the world



State Street Corporation, For developing and becoming the world leader in custodial finance as the focus of an institution

Greater Boston’s Venture Capital Community, For creating a worldwide engine for innovation and growth—represented by Peter Brooke & the late William Elfers

  Dr. Sidney Farber


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center & Dr. Paul Zoll, For Inventing the Heart Pacemaker

Massachusetts General Hospital, For pioneering the use of anesthesia, which enabled modern surgery

Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dr. Joseph Murray, For the first organ transplant

Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Dr. Sidney Farber, For establishing chemotherapy as an effective cancer treatment for all ages


Historic City-Building:

The Big Dig, For Vision, Civic participation and construction, Engineering & Design for over 35 years.

Ellen Swallow Richards

Unsung Innovator:

Ellen Swallow Richards, For making public water drinkable, breaking barriers in science as MIT’s first female student, graduate, & instructor.

Lewis Latimer, Chelsea-born son of slaves who developed an 8-hr lamp for Edison and blueprints for Bell’s telephone.